What is your fee?
   We charge a flat fee that varies based on your requirements.  Some planners work on a percentage, while others charge an hourly fee.  We are convinced that the flat fee eliminates any surprises since you know from the start exactly what it will cost and can budget accordingly.

 Do you offer a complimentary consultation?
   Yes.  When we meet to discuss your needs, we will also be able to quote you our exact fee.

 Do you have any price lists or set packages?
   No.  We customize everything that we do to suit your needs since no two events are alike.

 Do you attend every event personally?
   Yes.  However, should we have multiple bookings for the same day, my time at each will vary.  There will always be an informed and knowledgeable assistant in attendance when I can’t personally be there.

 Can we view one of your functions in progress?
   Since we respect our client’s privacy, this may only be arranged with their prior approval.

 Do you ever exceed the anticipated budget?
   Yes we do, and, quite honestly, it has become the norm rather than the exception.  Once you are informed of all the options that we offer, you may choose to select something more costly than you originally planned or something that you didn’t even know existed.  Since the final decisions are always yours, the original budget would not be increased without your prior approval.

 Can we speak to any former clients?
   Absolutely and we encourage you to check our references.  We are very proud of our reputation and know that the confidence you place in us, will ensure you a most successful event.

 Do you plan corporate or social events?
   We plan both, and then some.  Our staff is experienced in all aspects of event planning, whatever the occasion.

 If I've already hired the caterer, can you still provide other services?
   Most of our clients want a hassle free event from start to finish, therefore the majority of our events are full service.  However, for those on a limited budget or with time to spare, we do offer hourly consultations and complimentary referrals.  We also offer discounted wedding accessories, invitations, party supplies, gifts and favors.

 Will you help me find just a caterer or a band?
   Definitely.  We offer complimentary referrals just for that reason.  If you chose to do your own coordinating, we are still able to recommend the appropriate vendors to suit your needs.  And all this at no cost to you.

 Do you accept credit cards?
   No.  We accept cash, personal checks and company checks.

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